A £900 fine for the Chelmorton man who crashed a tractor worth thousands

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The young driver who crashed and rolled a nine-tonne tractor and caused £37,000 worth of damage has been fined £900 and given a one year community order.

On September 13, 2015, Keiran Garlick, 21, from Chelmorton, took the John Deere tractor without consent, crashed it and fled the scene.

Derby Crown Court heard that there was so much blood on the road and in the tractor cab that the police used dogs and a helicopter to try and locate the injured person.

The incident happened on Grin Low Road at 11.30pm.

Prosecutor Abigail Joyce said: “The tractor was found on its side in the middle of the road and police found several empty Stella Artois cans in the tractor cab.

“The owner of the tractor, Anthony Simpson, has had to have days off work and hire a tractor, which has cost him £7,428.”

After a DNA match was done, Garlick was interviewed by police and throughout his interview gave no comment, the court heard.

In mitigation, James Siward-Moore said: “There is more to this than meets the eye. The defendant works on the land for the cousin of Anthony Simpson. When you work the land you have to get the job done and it is not uncommon to work into the night, which would explain why he was out in a tractor at nearly midnight.

“It was his naïvety that caused him to flee the scene and he give no comment.”

The court heard that it was only because Garlick hit a tree that he did not roll down an embankment and hurt himself more or anyone else.

His honour judge Robert Egbuna said: “I am not about to take his liberty away for his stupidity.” Garlick was disqualified from driving for a year, given a one-year community order, fined £900 and must attend a five-day drink rehabilitation course.

Judge Egbuna added: “The consequence of your behaviour led to the damage of an expensive tractor and if you caused the damage you have to be prepared to pay.”