2020 Vision: The Buxton Conference in full swing

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Bringing people together could result in something wonderful for the town as Buxton faces a period of unprecedented change, the Buxton 2020 conference heard this morning (Wednesday).

Organised by Vision Buxton and Buxton Town Team, the conference brought local people, businesses, the University of Derby, and individuals together at the Pavilion Arts Centre.

Vision Buxton chair Roddie MacLean said: “Our hope is that our small attempt to bring people together will result in something surprising, perhaps even wonderful.”

Opening the conference, High Peak Borough Council leader Caitlin Bisknell said young people in Fairfield were showing the way in community spirit - during the recent snowfall, they put digging out their neighbour’s drives and St Peter’s Church ahead of tobogganing.

“That is a wonderful example of what our community is about,” said Cllr Bisknell.

Richard Tuffrey, of High Peak Borough Council’s planning department, said: “We have the ability with the Crescent and the University of Derby to create a centre of excellence in spa treatment.”

During the conference, 20 invited speakers are being given five minutes each to present their organisation’s vision for the future of the town.

Speakers are ranging from the University of Derby to local doctors, with the conference aimed at bringing together local groups to determine common issues which need attention.