20 is plenty: say councillors on speed limit

County councillors Dave and Ellie Wilcox are campaigning for a lower speed limit in Glossopdale.
County councillors Dave and Ellie Wilcox are campaigning for a lower speed limit in Glossopdale.
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Glossop county councillors are campaigning to lower the speed limit throughout Glossopdale to 20 miles per hour in every settlement.

The three Labour councillors, Damien Greenhalgh, Ellie Wilcox and Dave Wilcox, believe the reduction would make roads in the area safer and will be launching a public consultation.

The move comes two years after Cllr Dave Wilcox’s proposal for a Derbyshire-wide drop in speed limits, which was approved but then shelved.

Cllr Ellie Wilcox said: “Having taken control of the council at the May elections, we are determined to show that a Labour administration will make a significant difference to Glossopdale.

“Whilst we want to improve road safety, we are conscious that local businesses may have specific needs that we also need to take into account.”

Cllr Greenhalgh said:“We are looking to holding a significant Glossop-wide consultation over a number of weeks, to collect reactions and responses and to assess the level of support for an extensive and comprehensive scheme.”

He added: “It’s important that we have police support for any proposal so that we can ensure compliance with reduced speed limits throughout the valley.

“We’ve already had a conversation with the police and crime commissioner, Alan Charles, who has reduced road traffic injuries as one of his priorities.”

Initial consultations are scheduled to begin in autumn and will include schools, parish councils and other local organisations.

Cllr Dave Wilcox said: “We will come forward with a specific plan, so that people will be able to comment. We haven’t taken any decisions and we will clearly be constrained by the financial difficulties the county council faces in the coming years. But one life saved or severe accident avoided will make the exercise worthwhile.”

Cllr Ellie Wilcox added: “We will need volunteers to help make any scheme effective but I’m confident that there will be sufficient people prepared to give their time to make a proposed scheme effective.”