Picture Whaley’s past

Goyt Mill, Whaley Bridge. Photo contributed.
Goyt Mill, Whaley Bridge. Photo contributed.

DO YOU know where the roller skating rink was in Whaley Bridge, or where an ancient Roman Highway passed through the town between Derby and Manchester 2,000 years ago?

The answers to these and many more questions about the history of Whaley Bridge will be answered during an informal slideshow on Friday June 22.

Shallcross Hall, Whaley Bridge. Photo contributed.

Shallcross Hall, Whaley Bridge. Photo contributed.

Whaley Bridge sits comfortably in the valley of the Goyt astride the river, an important part of its manufacturing past and also once the boundary for Campana in the great Kings Forest of The High Peak.

In the years before the re-structure of the boundaries one half of Whaley was in the parish of Fernilee in Derbyshire, the other in the parish of Taxal in Cheshire.

In fact the last property listed in Fernilee in the Census returns is Goyts Moss Farm, situated above Corbar Woods on the outskirts of Buxton. Similarly, the last property listed on the other side of the Goyt Valley in Taxal is The Cat & Fiddle.

The trip back through 100 years of Whaley Bridge’s history will take place on June 22 at The Mechanics Institute, Market Street, Whaley Bridge, from 7.30pm.

It will feature images of the Old Printworks, Goyt Mill, The Coal Mines and Shallcross Sidings, street views, past carnivals and parades, plus much more.

Admission is £4 per person, including refreshments, with all proceeds going to Whaley Bridge Rose Queen Festival.

l Whaley Bridge Carnival takes place on Saturday June 30 and entry forms are available from outlets around the village. For further information, visit www.rosequeen.co.uk.