Peak Euro MP backs campaign to end horse misery

The World Horse Welfare Stand
The World Horse Welfare Stand

East Midlands MEP Emma McClarkin has met representatives from World Horse Welfare in Brussels to put pressure on the European Commission to change their current transport regulations as part of their campaign to stop the unnecessary suffering endured by the 80,000 horses driven long distances across Europe to slaughter each year.

Campaigns Advisor for World Horse Welfare, Jo White said:“While the current, totally inadequate, regulation remains unchanged many thousands of horses continue to suffer. The answer to end this needless suffering is simple - the Commission must develop a proposal to introduce a short, maximum journey limit.

“We need Members of the European Parliament’s (MEPs) support to show the Commission that there is an urgent need for amendments to this Regulation, most importantly the introduction of a 9-12 hour maximum journey limit. At the moment, journeys for these horses can last for days, with little or no food, water or rest.”

Ms McClarkin said: “I’m pleased to give my support to this campaign, and hopefully we can stop the needless suffering of horses as they travel across Europe.

“It’s one of the most frequent issues raised by constituents and I have been campaigning for change to transportation times and conditions for many years. It’s time to deliver.”