MEMORY LANE: What made the news in High Peak 25, 50 and 100 years ago

Tim Brooke-Taylor at the Buxton grand reunion in 1990 - which started out as a joke!
Tim Brooke-Taylor at the Buxton grand reunion in 1990 - which started out as a joke!
  • 25 years ago: 200 show up for reunion which started off as a joke!
  • 50 years ago: ‘Thin man’ sought after jewels theft
  • 100 years ago: Town hosts military ‘grand national’

Here’s a look back at the stories making the headlines 25, 50 and 100 years ago in the Buxton Advertiser & Herald.

25 years ago: Saturday night was the big one. It had only started off as a joke about getting old. A group of ordinary folk in the town decided that as they were “approaching 50” they’d better have a get-together.

I love my home town.

Tim Brooke-Taylor

Nick Munslow, an ex-landlord of the Baker’s Arms on West Road, Diana Woodwood, Bobba Sutcliffe... they’d all grown up and gone their separate ways.

There was Pam Mycock, Margaret Wolstenholme, Sandy Grey, Michael Appleby... some had families, some had businesses. The only thing to link them was the love of their birthplace - Buxton.

Then came the idea - why not get in touch with one or two who’d spread their wings further afield? Letters went off to the Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph and anywhere where they might be contacted.

Two years on from the first inkling of a knees-up, the Palace Hotel was playing centre stage to the “Grand Reunion of Old Buxtonians” and almost 200 guests were having the time of their lives.

Crude name stickers were handed out and stuck on the best-pressed lapels and most glittery dresses in Buxton - red for maiden names, blue for married ones.

“It’s a wonderful occasion,” beamed ex-Goodie Tim Brooke-Taylor, there as an everyday Buxton-born man, and treated as such.

“It’s great to get them together all at once, people who haven’t seen each other for years.

“I love my home town,” he added with a smile.

50 years ago: Buxton Antiques Fair will take place next year, despite the blot caused by the jewellery robbery last week.

Several thousand pounds worth of antique jewellery was snatched in the daring overnight raid.

Buxton CID are now searching for a thin man thought to be an expert on old jewellery. The intruder is believed to have gained entrance through a narrow window in a dressing room at the rear of the Pavilion Gardens ballroom.

The hunt is nationwide, with regional crime squad men coming to town.

100 years ago: An interesting event took place on Saturday, when a Military Grand National for troops stationed in Buxton was run.

The route taken by the runners was as follows: the Gardens, St John’s Road, Burbage, Ladmanlow, Grin, Harpur Hill, Heathfield Nook, and home via London Road, West Street and Broad Walk.

At all points, crowds had collected and the many partisans of the competitors either cheered on their respective favourites or criticised the efforts of some of the rear guard.

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