Mum’s the word for high-energy drinks

Two city ‘mumpreneurs’ have launched a sports energy drink which helps athletes refuel the natural way.

Their dairy-based product, which is being made for them by local ice cream-makers Bradwells, has been scientifically tested by researchers at Sheffield Hallam University and is already helping top local triathletes power their way to glory in world class competition.

Nether Green NHS physiotherapist and mum of two Lynwen Harrison dreamed up the high-energy idea after the keen triathlete had set out to get fit enough to compete again after the birth of her second child.

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“I started using recovery drinks; after a hard training session there’s a 20-40 minute window of opportunity in which muscles are likely to take in the protein they need to recover and build,” she explains.

“They really worked, but they tasted awful – really synthetic. They come in powder form which is a faff to weigh out and mix into a drink. I longed for something better; after all, I spent a significant part of my life eating good, healthy food.”

The crunch came when her young son ask to try one: “I realised I didn’t want him taking in what tasted like a load of chemicals and questioned what I was putting into my own body.”

She researched the optimum formula of protein and carbohydrate for sports recovery and began to make her own sports drink at home with milk, probiotic yoghurt and fruit extracts.

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“It tasted much nicer and I got the same results,” says the 41-year-old. She gave a blend of antioxidant-rich cherry juice and green tea to a fellow member of Sheffield Triathlon Club, who raved about it to other sports people.

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It was only when a friend’s husband, an advisor with Business Link South Yorkshire, told her she probably had a great business idea that she saw the bigger picture.

Product development commenced with experts at Sheffield Hallam University; the formula was tested and tweaked, ingredients were sourced as locally as possible and Bradwell’s Ice Cream Dairy offered to produce small batches of her nouriSH Me Now sports recovery drink. Lynwen got friend Rachel Smith, whom she had met through their children’s playgrounds, onboard as a business partner. “Rachel was a buyer with M&S for ten years and has a great business brain,” says Lynwen.

NouriSH Me Now, believed to be the first fresh dairy-based sports recovery drink of its kind nationally, was launched in July at at triathlon event in Hathersage and though production is still small-scale, the mumpreneurs are rushed off their feet with orders from local athletes.

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A 500ml bottle, priced £2.50, contains 13.5g of protein, 55g of carbohydrate, 280 calories and 0.4g of fat and is being endorsed by Sheffield triathletes Sheona McKay of Team GB, who was fourth in her age category at the World Triathlon Championships last weekend, and Catherine Faux, who took gold at the ETA long course championships in Finland in August.

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