Food For Thought

Jo Chan is a marketing executive with insolvency specialists Wilson Field Ltd. She was born in Sheffield, spent her first four years in Hong Kong and recently lived in Australia for a year before settling in Handsworth.

Are you a cook?

Yes, I love cooking and I like having friends and family over. I make a dish and take it to my mum and dad’s house when I get the chance.

Any cooking tips?

Never follow the recipe book exactly. Try and be creative and replace certain ingredients: it’s more fun that way and you could surprise yourself.

What’s your favourite dish?

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Generally anything that has seafood in it: I love fish and prawns. I like different cuisines so it depends on where I am, but I definitely have a sweet tooth so desserts are always on the agenda.

And a drink to go with it?

Generally I don’t like to have a drink with food; maybe a small glass of wine from time to time.

Your favourite restaurant in Sheffield area?

BB’s Italian restaurant in Devonshire Street. They’re really friendly and it’s BYO which is a bonus. I go there quite a bit with the girls from our netball team. I also like Thyme Café in Glossop Road, which opens ‘til late and does really good home-made food.

And pub?

The York in Glossop Road is really good, their barbecue beef ribs and mussels are delicious. I’ve only recently discovered this place and went there for my birthday in May. I would highly recommend the food if you fancy something a bit different.

What’s the worst meal you’ve ever had?

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I’ve not encountered that many bad experiences – generally it’s either bad service or cold food. But I went to one place where the chicken wasn’t cooked properly.

And the best?

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In a remote resort in Thailand called Bottle Beach where you look out on the sea front. Their barbecued seafood was fantastic: fresh and affordable.

Your favourite TV cook?

Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver. I like to get a bit of a bit of inspiration from Masterchef too but I think the Australian version is better than ours.

What do you think of Sheffield as a place to eat out?

There’s a good range of restaurants but I think there should be more for people who suffer from gluten intolerance. I have a couple of friends who are coeliac and it’s difficult to find places we can eat out.