High Peak paranormal group put on spooktacular Halloween display

A High Peak paranormal group went all out for Halloween, creating a spooktacular display for the community to enjoy.

By Charlie Parker
Thursday, 4th November 2021, 8:49 pm
Kinder Paranormal went all out for Halloween
Kinder Paranormal went all out for Halloween

Around 200 families and children enjoyed the display created by Kinder Paranormal in Hayfield.

Leanne Parker, 49, Alice Womack, 30, Jodi Goodwin, 29, and Lauren Preston 31, dedicated Halloween night to put on a spectacular arrangement of lights, projectors, and figures for the children of Hayfield.

It first started when Leanne Parker, was inspired to create something new after being disappointed by the decorations found in the shops.

A spooktacular display from Kinder Paranormal

“I just found that every year the decorations found in shops have all been the same,” she explained. “I wanted to create something that was new and unseen and so I started with a blank piece of wood, a glue gun and my love for horror movies.”

Many of the decorations have taken inspiration from classic horror movies and this year Leanne has made a replica of “Audrey 2” from the musical “Little Shop of Horrors”. All the decorations are hand-made from scratch.

This year, the Halloween house welcomed with a new feature as Alice, Jodi and Lauren decided to create a “CarnEvil” at the bottom of The Glade.

“Leanne inspired us to start decorating on a bigger scale because she is so good at what she does in her front garden.

“We thought, as we have got so much room at the bottom of the street why not make it better for all of the kids,” said Jodi.

The ‘House of Horrors’ at Leanne Parker’s home on The Glade, began in 2017, a year after she moved onto the street. It wasn’t long before her home became a well-known location at Halloween throughout the village. Each year more and more families would turn up after hearing about the display from their friends, she said.

“So, the first year we got around 50 children and each year its going up in about 50’s, I am up to around 200 party bags this year which I volunteer to make.”

Jane Beesley, a resident of Hayfield said: “As a resident of Hayfield and with children who enjoy going out trick or treating, The Glade never ceases to amaze us, the decoration is on point and by far the best I have seen in the area.

“They always go the extra mile to give us and all the people who are lucky enough to visit the wow factor.

“This year they seemed to have managed to top it. With the scary carnival interactive displays which my children came back saying “it was so sick this year mum” it really is a treat to have such great neighbours who will go that extra mile for the children in the area”

On Halloween itself, Kinder Paranormal saw over 200 children pass through their street. The group were ready and waiting in costume with goodie bags of sweets, toys, and chocolates for any passers-by.

“With all the sweets that we gave out, we had over 200 children that came down this year, despite the weather” Jodi said.

Kinder Paranormal is a local investigation group who visit haunted locations and will do free house visits for people dealing with unknown activity.

The Halloween displays will return next year with even more excitement and interactive fun.