Here are the best and worst supermarket Christmas puddings - from Asda to Waitrose

No Christmas dinner is complete without a portion (or two) of Christmas pudding, so here are our reviews of some of the best and worst supermarket Christmas puddings on offer for Christmas 2020.

ASDA Extra Special 9 Month Matured Luxury Christmas Pudding - £7

ASDA Extra Special 9 Month Matured Luxury Christmas Pudding
If you want your Christmas Day festivities to end on a bang, end it with a helping of Asda's 9 month luxury pudding. Whilst this isn't the strongest pudding on this list, this entry leaves a pleasant after taste for those looking to carry on the Christmas party. It still retains a delightful soft texture which holds together with the right fruit to nut ratio. Suitable for vegetarians. 4/5

Iceland 6 Month Matured Christmas Pudding - £1

For those who enjoy Christmas puddings without copious amounts of alcohol, look no further than the first of Iceland's puddings - which also happens to be the most affordable Christmas pudding on our list. This is a pleasant after dinner treat which is neither heavy or rich. Consisting mainly of currants and raisins, it may also be a favourite for those who aren't fans of nuts in their pudding. Suitable for vegetarians. 3/5

Iceland Luxury 12 Month Matured Christmas Pudding - £4

Iceland's premium serving of Christmas pudding is definitely aimed at pudding fans who enjoy a lot of fruit in every bite. Laced through the thick mix are little breaks of candied nuts and fruit to break up the texture - but watch your teeth. There's no lack of flavour if you go with this pudding but it's unlikely to leave you with a boozy buzz. Suitable for vegetarians. 3/5

M&S Collection Vintage Christmas Pudding 18 Month Matured - £15

Marks & Spencer Vintage 18 Month Matured Christmas Pudding
Out of all the puddings on our list, this seemed the most authentic - regardless of the vintage style bowl and cloth cover that's included. The pudding is lacklustre in the booze department compared to other offerings, but more than makes up for it with an abundance of cherries and dried fruit. So if you plan on having a few more tipples on Christmas Day, this is the pudding for you. Suitable for vegetarians. 4/5

M&S Collection Chocolate & Orange Christmas Pudding - £12

Marks and Spencer Chocolate Orange Christmas Pudding
If you're not a fan of a traditional pudding, and instead prefer a chocolatey indulgence, Marks and Spencer's chocolate orange pudding is definitely worth saving a place on the Christmas table for.
Cooking this alternative Christmas pudding is a sensory sensation that leaves your kitchen smelling of the citrusy zest of Christmas. The pudding itself is best eaten in small doses due to the richness of the chocolate and orange combination. Suitable for vegetarians. 4/5
Lidl Deluxe 24 Month matured Christmas pudding

Morrisons The Best 9 Month Matured Christmas Pudding - £8

This pudding is ideal if you plan to have Christmas dinner leftovers later in the day. The pudding is a light palette cleanser. But unlike other puddings on this list, you might mistake the cherry and cognac for treacle which holds everything together - meaning it doesn't fall apart in the mouth. Suitable for vegetarians. 2/5

Sainsbury's Taste the Difference 18 Month Matured Christmas Pudding - £9

Fans of a nutty Christmas pudding will enjoy Sainsbury's offering this year. This is also a pudding for fans who appreciate a boozy pudding with not only a lacing of cognac, but also rum and cider as well for a fruity flavour that's delicate but not overpowering. 4/5

Tesco Finest 12 Month Matured Christmas Pudding - £8

Overall, this 12 month matured pudding has a nice soft texture and light blend of fruits. The cherries are soaked in brandy and are definitely sought after in every bite. Surprisingly citrusy which gives you a Christmassy feel and leaves you wanting more. Suitable for vegetarians. 4/5

Waitrose No.1 Cherry & Almond Christmas Pudding - £14

If you want you Christmas dinner to end in a Christmas sing-song, this is the pudding that will help you to do that. You can taste the infusion of rum, brandy and even a splash of amaretto in every bite of this pudding. There is a nice consistency throughout with right amount of fruit and nuts carol, making this a firm favourite on this list. Suitable for vegetarians. 5/5
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