18 great retro pictures from this popular Derbyshire carnival - who can you spot?

Can you spot yourself or family and friends in our look back at Tideswell Carnival?

Tuesday, 12th May 2020, 3:35 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th May 2020, 3:36 pm
Tideswell carnival, soap star Amy Lingard
Tideswell carnival, soap star Amy Lingard

See who our photographers have snapped over the years when covering the event.

Buxton Advertiser archive, fancy dress competitors at the 1974 Tideswell Carnival
Buxton Advertiser archive, July 1966, Tideswell Carnival and a float based on the old woman who lived in a shoe
Buxton Advertiser archive, 1975, Romans at tideswell Carnival
Buxton Advertiser archive, 1975, tideswell Carnival
Tideswell Wakes parade, The Markovitz float, day trip to the seaside
Tideswell Wakes parade, the circus float from Tideswell Pre school
Tideswell carnival, Sheila's wheels, would you buy insurance from these girls?
Tideswell Wakes parade, the Old Age Travellers
Tideswell carnival, snow white and her seven dwarves
Tideswell wakes, Thriller - Michael Jackson tribute
Tideswell carnival, the Pirates float from the Horse and Jockey
Tideswell carnival, the last gaspers mark the new smoking ban
Tideswell wakes, circus fun from the young farmers club
Tideswell wakes, fancy dress winners Helana Bradwell and Sophie Almond
Tideswell wakes, the colourful Party Crew
Tideswell wakes, Queen Hannah Birch
Tideswell carnival, the Tidza bumpkins
Tideswell Wakes parade, Ibiza party flloat from the Cross Daggers