New Mills teen to feature in TV report

Jake Land
Jake Land

A New Mills teenager is be the subject of a new television report on anxiety.

Jake Land, who has suffered from the disorder since he was 11, will feature on ITV News next month as part of their Fixers campaign.

The 19-year-old was filmed where he works at his mum’s salon, Nicky’s Hair Studio, on Market Street, Buxton, on Wednesday.

The short film also features Jake interviewing another sufferer about is experiences and a reconstruction of him having an anxiety attack in the town centre.

The aspiring actor applied to become a “fixer”, and join the movement of young people tackling issues they feel strongly about, because he wanted to raise awareness of anxiety.

He said: “It’s affected my social life and my education. I feel anxious almost every day. I feel my heart racing and feel like everybody’s looking at me. I want schools to understand anxiety more and the public not to judge. It’s a hard thing to live with. People think you’re just weird. PE teachers used to tell me to get a grip. Now I have finally been given the opportunity to have a voice and help other young people who might be suffering the same way as I have. I want to make people understand that anxiety is a disorder that people can’t see.

Jake will be on ITV News Granada Reports at 6pm on February 6.