Buxton school tells furious mum daughter’s hair should be a ‘more natural’ colour

A furious Buxton mum says her daughter faces being ‘punished’ at St Thomas More School unless she changes her hair to a ‘more natural’ and ‘appropriate’ colour.

By Ben McVay
Friday, 11th September 2020, 9:35 am

Nikki Banfield’s daughter Lilly dyed her hair a modest ‘burgundy red’ during lockdown however teachers told the 15-year-old on Monday she must change it or face consequences.

Mum Nikki, who says the colouring has now faded, refuses to re-dye the hair - fearing it will be left damaged.

However daughter Lilly has now been told she has until Monday next week to change the hair colour or will be disciplined.

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Nikki Banfield with daughter Lilly Sanderson

Mum-of-two Nikki said the school order was just another example of a ‘regimented’ policy over everything from hair colour to school uniform at St Thomas More.

She said: “They say Lilly’s hair is an unnatural colour - I could understand if it was outrageous like a pillar box red.

“She’s been away from school for six months and you would have thought they would have been prioritising getting kids back into education and preparing for exams.

“Now she’s got until Monday to sort it or it will be marked as defiance and she’ll be punished in school.”

St Thomas More School say Lilly Sanderson's hair should be 'more natural'

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Frustrated Nikki said she had hoped to grow Lilly’s hair out a little more then have it trimmed however with the Monday deadline this would be impossible.

Nikki added: “Lilly’s worried about it - she’s a good girl and she doesn’t want to get into trouble.

“But she doesn’t want to be forced into a decision.”

Lilly Sanderson has been given a week to changer her hair colour

St Thomas More headteacher David Redfern said rules governing uniform and policy on hair colour were well publicised and parents and students were aware of expectations.

He said: “Hair colour must be natural and that rule has been in place for several years.

“We encourage our students to take pride in their appearance and they also need to learn how to follow rules.

“Given the circumstances of children having been in lockdown prior to the September return we have tried to work with both the parent and student on this issue and they have been given a full week to correct the hair colour."

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