Shopper to sue Meadowhall after security stopped him drinking coffee without a mask

A man is taking legal action against Meadowhall after he was evicted from the shopping centre by the security staff for refusing to put his mask back on so he could sip on his takeaway coffee.

Michael Perry, 50, from Doncaster said he has spoken to his solicitor and will give more details on his arm injury, allegedly resulting from the incident, in a police report.

"My arm is still the same and I'm off work and the orthopaedics think I've got either a socket problem or muscle or nerve damage. I have to wait for swelling to go down.

"I've also got names of people who said they would happily be a witness," he said.

Michael is surrounded by Meadowhall security staff who tried to evict him from the premises. Picture by Craig from Doncaster.

On Sunday (December 6), Michael was escorted off the shopping centre's premises after he reportedly became verbally abusive toward the security guards.

The situation escalated when members of security staff allegedly used excessive force against Michael when he refused to leave the shopping centre.

He then went on to say that he was "assaulted by at least five guards" who tried to put him on the floor "within minutes" of the confrontation.

Meadowhall had defended their action, saying that the customer refused to wear his face covering and became "verbally abusive" to staff before being asked to leave the centre.

They also said escorting the customer off the premises by security team is "always a last resort" as the customer refused to leave.

There have been several rule changes at Meadowhall where members of public are barred from consuming food on site and face masks need to be worn at all times as Sheffield entered Tier 3 lockdown.