Lovely Lola, Lively Lola, Lonely Lola…

Lola is a female Staffordshire bull terrier aged two years and two-months-old She is a lovely dog who would prefer to be the only dog in the home with an adult only family. She is house trained but will need some basic training. She is very intelligent so she will learn quickly. To see more photos of Lola click on the link above.


Can you provide a home for seven special kittens?

You walk into their room and are met by wide, fearful eyes. Staring from beneath blankets, from behind covers, out of hidey holes and through gaps. Like ghosts or faeries. But no, these are kittens - only a few months old - who have come into the care of the RSPCA centre in Derbyshire from particularly difficult situations. Situations where their exposure to humans has been limited. Clink on the link above to see more photos.


An Appeal for Kia...

Playfulness is not necessarily something you would associate with a twelve year old cat, it doesn’t fit the stereotype. But Kia will chase and juggle and tap, tap away at her toys. Happiness writ large on her face.
Clink on the link above to see more photos of Kia.


Let’s hear it for this Cheeky girl...

Chesterfield Animal Centre has a larger than life ten-year old female staffy cross who has been with the centre since February this year which is a really long time to be at the animal centre.

She is the centre’s favourite and they would love her to find a new home. Clink on the link above to see more photos of Cheeky.


Can you give a loving home to marvellous Miska?

Miska (previously known as Elsa) is a very affectionate girl. Whilst being in the care of the shelter, she has come on in leaps and bounds, which is amazing considering she had no previous training at all. Continued training is a must with Miska, who loves to be active and learn new things. Clink on the link above to see more photos of Miska.


There are few like Coco.

None, in fact. She is one apart in both spirit and heart. Her creator picked her out for special attention; sculpted each hair, each tooth, shaped each crease in her smile - it’s the only way to explain her novel brilliance. Take a moment and read why. Click on the link above to see more pictures of Coco.


Our Most Brilliant Barry…

In some ways Barry isn’t the most obvious sort of heartthrob. With his ever-so-slightly bucked teeth, his over-large eyes and those dainty, little legs. To see more pictures of Barry, simply click on the link above.

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