Peak District moors inspire Litton author's new children's book

The beautiful Peak District moors have helped inspire a new children’s book from a Litton author.

By Louise Cooper
Sunday, 3rd October 2021, 9:59 am
Katherine Clarke's children's book Roar on the Moor is out now
Katherine Clarke's children's book Roar on the Moor is out now

Katherine Clarke’s book Roar on the Moor is the first in The Adventures of Wildwell Hollow series of nature-based stories which take their inspiration from the moors that mean so much to her.

Having started her career volunteering for the Peak District National Park, Katherine has travelled the country caring for places that are important for nature and people for over 30 years.

In 2011, she returned to the Peak District to take up her dream job caring for the Eastern Moors.

“It’s just such a beautiful place, high above Sheffield and Chesterfield with spectacular views, dramatic skies and atmospheric moors. What’s not to love?,” Katherine said.

"Every season paints a new picture; early summer cotton grass blankets the moors in white, turning purple as heather fills the air with the sweet scent of honey, followed by the autumn’s golden glow bringing a comforting warmth.

"The wildlife here is so special too; blanket bogs lined with sphagnum moss, babbling books hiding secretive water voles, ponds dancing with acrobatic dragonflies, moorlands nurturing curlew chicks and woodlands sheltering red deer in winter. It’s a magical place.”

Roar on the Moor follows Tilly Fairy & Bodkin Jack to Monarch Moor, high above their homes in Whispering Wood. Tracking the "ROOOAAR" coming from the moor, the endearing characters discover the King of Stags strutting his stuff during the red deer rutting season.

“The red deer rut on the Eastern Moors is an annual phenomenon,” Katherine explained.

"Red deer are majestic creatures, and the rut is when the herd is at its biggest and most active. It’s a very exciting time!”

Whilst working on the moors Katherine’s colleague Kim spotted the annual Bolving World Championships held in Exmoor.

Katherine said: “Bolving is the art of imitating the roar of a red deer stag during the rut, to see if you can get a response.”

Katherine went on to run the annual Eastern Moors Bolving Championships.

Celebrating red deer and the art of bolving, ‘Roar on the Moor’ was released in September, just in time to celebrate the red deer rut.

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