40-year dream comes true for Derbyshire author of new children’s book

Childhood dreams have finally come true for a Derbyshire wordsmith.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 22nd August 2015, 1:04 pm
Karen Renshaw, author of Got to Go to Shineygo
Karen Renshaw, author of Got to Go to Shineygo

Karen Renshaw has turned the fantasies she had as a five-year-old into a children’s book.

She said “I’ve always loved writing. I wanted to write a book since I was at Leys Junior School in Alfreton. Everyone loved Enid Blyton back then and my fave childhood book was Charlotte’s Webb.

“We once had to write about dreams in school. My friends all wanted ponies, I wanted to be an author. I had some very encouraging teachers.”

Karen’s book Got To Go To Shineygo is set in a magical place where fun things happen to Phoebe Sparkle, a fairy and reporter, and her friends.

She said: “Shineygo is the exact name of the place I made up as a five-year-old and “Got to go to Shineygo” was a little rhyme I kind of remember making up back then. I thought it sounded catchy.

“I think Got To Go To Shineygo” is very much aimed at girls aged four to seven because those are lovely times when you have all this excitement and fun and I wanted to put things in there that little girls love.”

Karen, who lives in Birdholme, Chesterfield, said: “It took a couple of months to complete my text and I think the most challenging part was getting the illustrations arranged and describing what I wanted. I was so lucky to find a great illustrator, Garry Vaux, who I came across on Twitter. I was blown away by the samples he sent me of his work - it was exactly what I had in mind.”

She is now hoping to share the story with schoolchildren. Any teachers would would like to take up her offer can contact her on Twitter and Facebook.

Karen, 46, said: “There is a sequel which I hope to release if people like the first story. The sequel was fun to write and will appeal to little boys also with some fun action in it. We can’t leave the boys out!””

She doesn’t have children but is a very proud auntie and a great-auntie to one-year-old Stanley and is currently working as a temp in the planning department of a local authority.

Got To Go To Shineygo is available from Amazon, priced £6.05.