Glen hooked on Buxton!

Getting his hooks into Mr Smee. Photo contributed.
Getting his hooks into Mr Smee. Photo contributed.
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It’s all plain sailing for actor Glen Davies.

For he is swapping his role as the bear-hating caretaker Mr Prank in CBBC’s popular series Bear Behaving Badly to star as Captain’s Hook’s pirate sidekick Smee in this year’s Buxton Opera House pantomime.

And his portrayal is sure to have audiences hooked! Here he answers some questions:

You play Mr Prank in Bear Behaving Badly. He’s not exactly written as a lovable character, but he’s a huge hit with kids: why do you think that is?

The ‘bad guys’ in comedies usually warrant a degree of sympathy (or pity) as they inevitably end up on the losing side but are generally a ‘reformed’ character by the show’s conclusion. Mr Prank is no different. Plus, I think, the children (of all ages) that watch ‘Bear’, recognise that the comedy that ensues is largely due to the confrontations between Nev and Prank and they enjoy that. I like to think of old Mr P as an anti-hero (though maybe that’s just me). 

What’s the funniest thing a child has ever said to you about Mr Prank?

Children constantly amuse and amaze me with their comments on the show and in particular regarding Mr Prank. One child put me on the back foot one day by saying “Wow, that was quick”. Confused, I asked what she meant. “I’ve just watched you on telly and now you’re here, alive.” (Followed by a pause) “Where’s Nev?” I understood her confusion, signed a card and pondered being ‘alive’. 

You are going to play Smee in Peter Pan at Buxton Opera House. Why do you think the Peter Pan story is so enduringly popular?

Peter Pan is such a good story and it has become a byword for all things youthful and fun. It’s a story that has it all: action, adventure, caring relationships and flying humans. What’s not to like? 

Have you ever been to Buxton before?  How do you feel about spending the Christmas season there? 

Many years ago I played the Opera House and I’m chomping at the bit to go back. It’s a beautiful theatre and a lovely part of the country. It’ll be a new Christmas experience for me and one I’m really looking forward to. I’ll pull a cracker, wear my hat at a jaunty angle and enjoy The Sound Of Music once again. 

What’s the best acting role you have ever had, and what role would you still like to play?

I’ve been fortunate enough to play a veritable myriad of roles over the years and enjoyed them all for different reasons. Sometimes it’s about the role and sometimes it’s about the people you get to work with. I’m not sure there’s one particular part I’m looking to play, the challenge is to play any part (however, a Bond villain would be fun).

How do you spend your time when you’re not on TV or acting on stage?

When I’m not working I write ... a lot. Other than that I’m a passionate football supporter and enjoy a strum of the guitar (very badly): though not at the same time.

l Peter Pan will be appearing at Buxton Opera House from Wednesday December 12 to Tuesday January 1. Tickets are available now, priced from £15.50 to £19.50. Call the Box Office on 0845 127 2190 or buy online at