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Movie fan Jessica Cupitt likes a happy ending and they don’t get better than the proposal romantic boyfriend Craig Mallinson had for her at Cineworld Sheffield.

Birthday girl Jessica, aged 20, thought he was taking her to see new summer blockbuster, Hercules.

But what came on the big screen first was a short film made by 26-year-old Craig asking her to marry him.

And in the tradition of all the best Hollywood love stories, shocked Jessica said yes.

It brought a huge round of applause from the equally surprised audience in Screen Four when history was made at the cinema - the first proposal there using a home movie on the big screen.

VIDEO: Press the play button to watch our exclusive video report - including shocked Jessica’s reaction as she sees the film on the cinema screen.

MORE VIDEO: Watch Craig’s wedding proposal video in full - CLICK HERE.

The film started with a written message saying it was for the woman sat in Row E, seat 14. Craig, who made the two minute film on his video camera, didn’t show his face on the screen but gave his view of the world.

It showed their home where they live together in Meersbrook, his way to work, their cat and a framed scrabble board dedicated to his love for her, with a soundtrack of their favourite song, Isn’t This World Enough, by Admiral Fallow.

Another written message popped up on the screen saying no mater how dull his day is, he has her to come home to.

Finally, she was asked to look under her seat for a birthday present which, he said, ‘I hope will last a lifetime’ - her engagement ring.

“I wasn’t expecting it at all and it was lovely,” said Jessica, a customer care worker for Sheffield Council.

“I realised the film was intended for me when It gave my seat number on the screen. Then I saw my cat and my house. I still didn’t realise what was coming. I didn’t expect that at all.

“It means a lot to me because our first date was here and we’ve been coming here after week for about a year and a half now. I’m rally grateful. It was amazing and I love Craig so much.”

Craig, who works at Woodall Services on the M1 motorway, said: “When we came into the cinema I was as nervous as anything, shaking and sweating. She could tell something was happening.

“ I had put the ring under the seat and she couldn’t find it, so we were both scrambling around while she as still reading messages on the screen, so I didn’t actually get down on one knee.

Other shocked cinemagoers burst into cheers and a round of applause when they realised what was happening.

Neil Flavell, Sheffield Cineworld’s Operations manager, explained how they helped to make it happen.

He said: “I had a lovely letter from Craig saying he wanted to propose to his girlfriend and could we help him.

“Because we’ve gone all digital, we don’t use film anymore - so we can plug in external devices and screen video that’s on them. Now people know we can do it, I guess there’s a possibility others will be asking.”




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