Hillmen asks fans: have you got the write stuff?

Have your say

THERE is a saying used often in football circles, ‘it’s a matter of opinions’, and Glossop North End programme editor Stewart Taylor plans to put this theory to the test on Saturday after the Hillmen visit Runcorn Linnets.

Stewart is asking as many of the supporters that make the trip to the Millbank Stadium to pen a match report on the game and submit it to him in an experiment that will test whether different fans see different things or if the crowd takes the same view.

He said: “After every game you can sit in a bar and hear many different views on the game; who played well, who was at fault, how the referee was great or terrible or even how the number 2 looked like one (or both) of Jedward.

“So I thought it could be interesting to see if this came across when people wrote their thoughts down after having time to consider them.”

“I’ve approached a few people to ensure I’ll get a minimum number of reports, but am happy to receive a report from all fans, even from the other side.

“More than one or two words though please, even though we’ve all seen games that can be summed up like that!

“Hopefully there will be plenty of incident for people to comment on - I’m looking for about 400 words and I need them by Wednesday April 25.”

Fans will be able to see the result of Stewart’s experiment in the Glossop North End vs Colne programme on Saturday April 28.

If you have a report you’d like to include, email it to taylorshouse@supanet.com.