Trip of a lifetime to Disneyland Paris for Buxton dance stars

The Phoenix Stage School in Buxton have the opportunity to perform at Disneyland Paris
The Phoenix Stage School in Buxton have the opportunity to perform at Disneyland Paris

A group of High Peak children have been given the opportunity of a lifetime - to dance on the stage at Disneyland Paris.

The youngsters all attend Phoenix Stage School in Buxton and after going through a tough audition process, will perform at the theme park in July.

But it will cost £500 each just to get the children to France, so a major fundraising drive has been launched.

Pauline Price, owner of the stage school, said: “It is £500 each just to get there, and that’s not accounting for food or anything else.

“We’re trying to raise as much as we can. The balance has to be paid by June 2 and anything we raise after that will go towards food and spending money.”

Explaining how the group secured their place at the Disney Performing Arts OnStage event on July 29, Pauline said: “I had seen it before so I just made some enquiries. We had to go through an audition process so I held my own auditions just to get everybody ready for it.

“We then had to film routines and send them off to Disneyland Paris for them to approve. Eventually we got our feedback and they said yes.

“It’s been a long process and the children have worked hard. Unfortunately a lot of them have had to drop out because of the money.”

She added: “There are 17 children going. The youngest is nearly five-years-old and they go up to 17, but the average age is between eight and ten. They’re all so excited. It’s the chance of a lifetime for some of them.

“I’m very proud of them but then I’m very proud of every single one of my students. Even the tiny ones, if they struggle, they just won’t give up.

“They’ve all worked really hard, they’re really determined. They’ve done me proud and I’m going to do my best to make sure we get all the children to Paris.”

A number of fundraising events and activities are being planned for the next few months, and the children will be holding a bucket collection at the Buxton Spring Fair on May 4.

Anyone who can help with the fundraising is asked to contact Pauline on 07730 712 239 or email