Trail riders campaign at Castleton Fun Day

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More than 100 trail riders attended a Peak family event to show their dissatisfaction at being banned from a Derbyshire green lane.

Motorcyclists and 4x4 drivers descended on the fun day at Castleton Visitor Centre on Sunday, to make their feelings about known about access rights in the Peak District, despite being urged by the park authority to stay away.

It follows a number of slow rides and protests by the Trail Riders Fellowship over plans to ban vehicles from some unsurfaced roads.

Mike Irving, director of the fellowship, said: “This was a very worthwhile day and we established for once and for all that the public, visitors and locals alike, have no problem with responsible motoring and motorcycling on the unsurfaced roads of the national park.

“We had a number of informal but productive conversations with park authority staff during the day and are confident that the plans to close the Peak Park’s best lanes to us are the work of an un-elected and unrepresentative minority, who are pulling the strings behind the scenes.”

He added that the group’s “warm welcome” at Castleton had encouraged them to plan a National Festival of Trail Riding in the national park.