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Cheap rail tickets for a day out in Blackpool came with an added excursion for one local woman – a car drive from Buxton to Whaley Bridge to pick them up.

Passenger Ann Brindley was told by staff last week that due to refurbishment at Buxton Station, off-peak tickets for the trip to the seaside resort were not available in advance there: she could either pay the full price of £30.30 on the train or drive to Whaley Station to get the cut-price deal of £24.50.

“You have to pay full whack or go to Whaley to get your ticket,” said Ann, who runs The Vault pub.

“I think it’s ridiculous.”

A spokeswoman for Northern Rail said that there had been a communication problem as cheaper tickets would have been available from the guard on the train.

Improvements were currently being made to the booking office at Buxton, but in the meantime most tickets, except for season tickets, could be bought on trains or advance through their website.