Recycling will be made easier

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The extended kerbside collection service being introduced in the High Peak will be less labour intensive, more efficient and make it easier for households to recycle their waste.

High Peak Borough Council’s Waste Collection Manager Nicola Kemp explained to members of Whaley Bridge Town Council how the new brown bins will be used for plastics, tins and cans, paper and cardboard.

The new bin will be introduced alongside the existing green box for collecting glass, the green bin for food and garden waste and the black bin for general household waste.

“There are going to be some changes to the collection day to make rounds as efficient as possible at the same time we have redesigned some of the collection rounds.

“It is important people take notice of the leaflet to check the collection days.”

Leaflets will be delivered, alongside the new bins, in a six week programme starting later this month in Buxton and moving north through the borough to Glossop.

The new collection system will be operational from July 2 and will mean changes for staff as well.

Sorting by hand will be replaced with a mechanical system before the items are recycled and reused in the UK.

Councillors raised concerns for those residents who do not have the space for a third bin and were assured a number of smaller bins would be available.

Residents who receive help taking their bins out the service should continue to receive this service.

The borough council are planning to hold a number of roadshows explaining the changes to residents and further information will be available in due course on the council’s website.