ELECTIONS 2011: Tories challenged for council control

A Polling Station - ready for voters in the General Election.
A Polling Station - ready for voters in the General Election.

A TOTAL of 107 candidates will be contesting the 43 seats up for grabs on High Peak Borough Council on May 5 – with some slim majorities under threat.

Since 2007 the council has been controlled by the Conservatives who won 24 seats at the last election.

Labour currently have nine seats, the Liberal Democrats six seats with the remaining four shared between two independents and a further two councillors with no political group.

Three Conservative councillors who secured narrow margins to win their seat are looking to retain them with Bill Barratt taking Barms Ward in Buxton by only four votes from Labour, while the Liberal Democrats finished second behind Peter Kay who secured the Padfield Ward by a single vote. Council Leader Tony Ashton secured a 30 vote majority in the Sett Ward.

In the central area both the Liberal Democrats and Labour have narrow majorities to defend.

Michael Harrison won the Chapel West seat for the Lib Dems by 14 votes from the Conservatives while Labour’s Ian Huddlestone secured his seat in New Mills East after polling 12 votes more than the Lib Dem candidate.

Nine councillors bowing out at the elections are Conservatives Jonathan Davey, MP Andrew Bingham, Robin Baldry, Matthew Crompton and Ann Worrall; Labour’s Jacqui Wilkinson, Roger Wilkinson and Barbara Wilson, as well as Ivan Bell of no political group.

Candidates for High Peak Borough Council for wards in Buxton and the central area.

Barms (one): Bill BARRATT, Con; Rachael QUINN, Lab.

Blackbrook (two): Lisa Kate BEEDEN, Lib Dem; Audrey BRAMAH, Con; Philip George FORREST, Lab; Edith LONGDEN, Lib Dem; Chris PEARSON; Theo ROFER, Con.

Burbage (one): John FAULKNER, Con; Ian HAMILTON, Lab.

Buxton Central (two): Peter ASHENDEN, Lib Dem; Philip ASHMORE, Lab; Matthew BAIN, Green; Bill FIDDY, Con; Bob MORRIS, Con; Christopher James PAYNE, Lab.

Chapel East (one): Michael HARRISON, Lib Dem; Mavis MORRISON, Lab; Jim PERKINS, Con.

Chapel West (two): Alan DEBES, Lib Dem; Tim NORTON, Lab; Jocelyn STREET, Con; Stewart YOUNG, Con.

Corbar (two): Linda BALDRY, Con; Tony KEMP, Con; Martin THOMAS, Lab; Christopher WEAVER, Lib Dem.

Cote Heath (two): Colin BOYNTON, Con; Linda GROOBY, Con; Keith Edward SAVAGE, Lab; Lynn STONE, Lab.

Hayfield (one): Beth ATKINS, Lib Dem; David MELLOR, Ind.

Hope Valley (two): Charlotte Nancy FARRELL, Green; Tony Favell, Con; Maeve Patricia SERBY, Lib Dem; John WALTON, Con;

Limestone Peak (one): Sandy LAMONT, Lab; Graham SCOTT, Lib Dem; Derek UDALE, Con.

New Mills East (two): Alan BARROW, Lab; Gwyn BOWERS, Con; Mark GADD, Con; Ian HUDDLESTONE, Lab; Alistair STEVENS, Lib Dem; Tobias Spencer STRONER, Lib Dem.

New Mills West (two): Ray ATKINS, Lib Dem; Hazel BODY, Green; Janet CARTER, Lib Dem; Lance DOWSON, Lab; Jacqui GADD, Con; David Ian LAMB, Con.

Sett (one): Tony ASHTON, Con; Michael John SHIPLEY, Green; Ray WILD; Lib Dem.

Stone Bench (two): Caitlin BISKNELL, Lab; Mick REDDY, Con; Pam REDDY, Con; Fiona SLOMAN, Lab.

Temple (one): Roger COOPER, Lab; Emily THRANE, Con.

Whaley Bridge (three): James Henry BUSH, UKIP; Nev CLARKE, Lab; Samantha Claire FLOWER, Con; Rodney Bruce GILMOUR, Con; Linda LEATHER, Lib Dem; David LOMAX, Lib Dem ; David Charles MCDOWELL, Con; John PRITCHARD, Ind.

Parties: Conservative - Con; Labour - Lab; Liberal Democrat - Lib Dem; Independent - Ind; The Green Party - Green; UK Independence Party - UKIP.

Residents in certain wards in Hayfield, New Mills and Chapel-en-le-Frith will get to elect their parish councillors.

While there were no were no candidates for the two Hayfield Parish Council seats in Hayfield West, there are 15 candidates for the eight seats in Hayfield Town.

The candidates seeking election are: Betty Betts, Keith William Arthur Bevins, Mike Crompton, Karen Dalkin, Peter Albert Easter, Philip Gee, John Harvey, Eva Hodgson, Tony Moss, Andrew Ramwell, Jennie Starkie, Kathleen Waterhouse, Lisa Waterhouse, Val Wieteska and Jackie Wilson.

Elected to Chapel-en-le-Frith Parish Council unopposed are: Michael Harrison, Peter Harrison, Mike Smith and Hilary Batterbee.

In the Chapel West Ward there are seven candidates for six seats: Nigel Bradbury, John Howard Brook, Brian Brookfield, Guy Martin, Tim Norton, Ann Young and Stewart Young.

Elected unopposed to New Mills Town Council are: Tony Ashton, Andy Bowers, Ray Atkins, Janet Carter, Lance Dowson and David Lamb. In the Ollersett Ward seven candidates – Alan Barrow, Gwyn Bowers, Mark Gadd, Ian Huddlestone, Annette Longden, Alistair Stevens and Tobias Stroner – will contest five seats.

In Edale there are six candidates for the five seats on the parish council. They are: David Bagnall, Kenneth Coker, Harry Gilbert, Sarah Helliwell, James Metcalfe, Julie Morten.

Parishes avoiding the cost of an election as candidates were elected unopposed are: Bamford with Thornhill, Castleton, Chinley, Buxworth & Brownside, Hartington-Upper-Quarter, Hope, Whaley Bridge, Wormhill.

New elections will have to be called in Peak Forest, Chisworth and Green Fairfield as no candidates came forward.