Paralympian award mix-up

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A MIX-UP has been blamed for councillors not being invited to the presentation of a council award to gold medal winning Paralympian Anthony Kappes.

A presentation of a community award was made by the council during a visit by Anthony to his old school, Chapel High, by Cllr Peter Harrison and council chairman Tim Norton.

But Cllr Stewart Young said members had never been told the time or date.

“The first we knew of it was when it was in the Advertiser,” he told a council meeting last week.

Raising the issue, Chapel-en-le-Frith Parish councillor Nigel Bradbury said he had asked if members would be able to attend and that it had been agreed they could.

Cllr Guy Martin said: “It seems there has been a mix-up over this.”

Cllr Mike Smith said: “We need to think about this in the future. The awards committee recommends who gets it.

“Having had a recommendation it is a parish council award.

“Therefore it seems to me the presentation should be open to all the parish council.”

He said the council had 13 members and perhaps a protocol was needed.

Councillor Norton said he agreed that when awards were given, all councillors should be invited – and in future this would happen.

Cllr Bradbury said that on this occasion the award had been to acknowledge a wonderful achievement.

He said a lot of residents would have wanted to congratulate Anthony on his achievement in the 2012 Games.

Cllr Martin said perhaps the council needed to look at holding open presentations in the future which the public would be able to attend.