Locals join forces to fight future house-building

Harpur Hill residents concerned about house building
Harpur Hill residents concerned about house building
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A Buxton community is joining forces to fight plans for major housing development.

Harpur Hill residents are hugely concerned about the vast number of houses being suggested for the area - all of which could be built on greenfield sites while a major brownfield site in the area remains an eyesore.

While no planning applications have been submitted, residents fear up to 1,000 houses could be built in the area - leaving the local infrastructure unable to cope.

Ken Greenway, chair of Harpur Hill Residents’ Association, said: “There is a lot of concern in the area about the sheer number of housing being proposed for Harpur Hill.

“At every meeting we have ever had about this, the people of Harpur Hill have expressed the wish that they don’t want to be swamped.”

Mr Greenway added that the residents’ association was currently preparing a questionnaire to go out to every household in the area, asking them what they wanted to see in Harpur Hill, in order to formulate a united response once the planning applications are submitted.

He added that the delays to the High Peak Local Plan, which were agreed by councillors last week, were also a major concern for locals.

“It is worrying to us because it does leave the area open. The local plan would provide us with protection from more speculative proposals.”

Among the sites of concern to locals are a greenfield site off the A515 Ashbourne Road, while the former High Peak College site is left as an eyesore.

Pam Reddy said: “We all know that we’re going to have more houses but really they should be building on the brownfield sites first. The college site is an eyesore, it’s absolutely shocking.”

Mr Greenway added: “We are upset at greenfield sites being built on rather than brownfield sites while the university site is being left derelict. We think that site should be used first.”

And commenting of the problems to the infrastructure that would be created by the development, Michael Ratcliffe said: “The school is already full. There will be a massive impact on the sewer system.

“There’s already been problems on Dolby Road and Severn Trent have been out to look at them.

“With another 400 houses or so on there, things aren’t going to get any better.”

Another resident added: “The traffic is going to be horrendous. And where are all these people going to work?”