£35m plans for Buxton water site revealed

An artists impression of the plans for Buxton Water's former bottling plant on Station Road, Buxton.

An artists impression of the plans for Buxton Water's former bottling plant on Station Road, Buxton.


Plans for a £35 million re-development of the former Buxton Mineral Water site, which includes a hotel and supermarket, have been unveiled.

Owners Nestle Waters have selected Cheshire-based developer Consolidated Property Group (CPG) to develop the former bottling site on Station Road.

The proposals, which have been discussed with adjoining landowners Network Rail, DB Schenker and Peak Rail as well as pre-application discussions with High Peak Borough Council, are for a mixed-use scheme including restaurants, small shops, an 80-bed budget hotel and a single-storey foodstore.

The scheme will create around 345 jobs and also includes improved car parking and access for rail users with better pedestrian integration with the railway station and town centre, the developers said.

Dan Bramwell, CPG spokesman, said: “We are proposing a high quality mixed-use scheme that will integrate with Buxton’s core retail area and complement the town’s existing architecture.

“The site offers a good opportunity to create better linkage across the area, especially with the rail station, while also introducing a range of complementary non-retail uses in the town centre.

“The scheme will create approximately 345 jobs and a further 50 during construction in a capital investment in Buxton of over £35 million.

“There is no named operator for the foodstore but one of the key design principles is that we have reduced the size of the foodstore from any previous proposals and have included some smaller shop and restaurant units. There is a need to ensure that any scheme is not only realistically deliverable but is also financially viable and a foodstore is a key ingredient for the latter.”

A formal consultation programme will be take place with a public consultation display in September. It is anticipated that a planning application will be submitted by the end of September, and subject to permission being granted, building work could start in early 2016 with opening in 2017.




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