Help for those with dementia

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A new Dementia Support Service has been launched to supporting the families and carers of people with dementia and those coming to terms with a dementia diagnosis.

Launched by Derbyshire County Council in partnership with the NHS, it will be run by the Alzheimer’s Society.

A team of specialist dementia support workers will be available to provide a range of specialist and practical support, information and advice as well as guiding people towards services to suit their needs.

Anyone who is registered with a Derbyshire GP or is a carer or relative of a person registered with a Derbyshire GP can use the service directly and people will also be referred through Community Mental Health services or the Memory Assessment Service.

DCC Cabinet Member for Adult Care Councillor Charles Jones said: “The new Dementia Support Service which we have developed will benefit people across the county who are already living with dementia, those who have just been diagnosed and those who need encouraging to seek help so they can get an early diagnosis.

“It will be much easier for people to find services which can support them and also know that help is on hand as and when they need it.”

There are currently around 3,250 people in Derbyshire diagnosed with dementia and possibly 6,000 more who have dementia but are undiagnosed. By 2015 it is estimated that there will be around 11,000 people living with dementia in Derbyshire.

Further information on the service visit

This includes information, searchable by area, about befriending services, carer support, day services, health and social care services, memory cafes, social activities and transport.

The Alzheimer’s Society is looking for suitable venues to hold new monthly memory cafes, carer support groups and information programmes in addition to the ones it already runs.

The specialist dementia support workers are in two teams, one covering the north and the south.

lTo contact the north team call 01246 223366 and 01332 208845 for the south team or email .