When New Year lasts a few weeks

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HIGH PEAK residents planning on quitting smoking, losing weight or getting fitter as part of their New Year’s resolution can call on free help from Derbyshire’s health promotion experts.

The team from Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust’s Health Promotion Department are on standby to help people keep their healthy resolutions now the new year is underway.

Sam Chambers, from the Health Promotion Service, said: “It can be hard to make these kinds of lifestyle changes on your own. We are here to offer help, encouragement and information on everything from healthy eating to stopping smoking and starting exercise.”

More than three-quarters of people who begin January with good intentions of turning over a new leaf have crept back into their old habits within a few weeks.

And the repeated cycle of start-stop on everything from going to the gym, to eating more healthily or giving up cigarettes, can be demoralising and disheartening.

And Mandy Robinson, General Manager for the Health Promotion Department, said: “We know that many people make getting healthier their New Year’s resolution and sadly these resolutions often fail within a few days or weeks. We can help people to plan their 2012 New Year’s resolution with techniques and strategies that work and will help people achieve their goals.”

To find out more about how the Health Promotion Services can help you, ring 01246 868400 or visit www.dchs.nhs.uk/your_health_useful_info/yr-health-now.

Sam added: “We understand that making changes to improve our health can be difficult to start and even more difficult to maintain.

“But people don’t need to do it alone, we are here to help.”