Health chiefs back campaign

HEALTH care professionals are being asked to be extra vigilant to help prevent potentially life-threatening bed sores, in a campaign backed by NHS Derbyshire County.

A ‘Stop the Pressure’ video has been released which highlights simple steps that can be taken against pressure ulcers, or bed sores – which if left untreated or infected can lead to severe pain, serious harm, or even death.

Lynn Woods, deputy director clinical quality and nursing for NHS Derbyshire County, said: “Pressure ulcers, or bed sores, cost the NHS hundreds of pounds to treat and leave patients in misery, causing pain and distress particularly in the elderly and infirm. They also mean longer stays in hospital.

“But they are almost an entirely preventable condition, which is why we are urging nurses, carers and patients across Derbyshire to watch this two-minute video as taking action against pressure ulcers can help improve the quality of life for patients.”

The video can be viewed at