Extra help for elderly in the Peak

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A NEW GUIDE helping elderly and vulnerable patients in Buxton and the High Peak better plan their hospital stay will improve care and help them make a full and quicker recovery.

Most patients stay in hospital for only a short time but for those who stay for lengthier periods they may be unable to leave hospital, or transfer to community hospitals or residential homes simply because their care needs had not been planned earlier.

Now health chiefs from NHS Derbyshire County say the new ‘Planning Your Discharge From Hospital’ guide – created in conjunction with Derbyshire County Council – will help medical staff, nursing and social care teams support patients and their families to better prepare to leave hospital or transfer to more suitable care more quickly and safely.


It will also help to keep more acute hospital beds available to treat people who are ill and avoid unnecessary hospital readmissions.

Evidence shows that once a patient is well enough, delaying discharge can hinder a patient’s recovery.

Delaying transfer also increases the chances of vulnerable and elderly patients being readmitted to hospital once they are discharged, and their chances of picking up other illnesses.

25,000 copies of the new guide have been printed and will be distributed to patients by health and social care staff within Derbyshire.