Health trust pledge to cut carbon footprint

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HEALTH bosses in Derbyshire have renewed their commitment to improving patient care by pledging to spend less money on carbon emissions to mark NHS Sustainability Day today, Wednesday, March 28.

Now NHS Derby City and NHS Derbyshire County have revealed that since the introduction of these plans, recycling rates have increased by 35 per cent and staff mileage rates have been slashed by 16 per cent – from 1,562,373 miles to 906,345 miles. That’s the length of more than 11,700 football pitches. C02 emissions from waste thrown out by staff are also down – from 17 tonnes in 2008 to 10.6 tonnes in 2011.

By focusing on carbon-saving measures such as travel plans, building energy use, it is estimated that the NHS nationwide could save £180 million per year.

Trish Thompson, director of external relations for NHS Derby City and NHS Derbyshire County, said: “The NHS in Derbyshire is committed to doing everything possible to make the environment a safer place for people to live and work in as a healthy environment means healthier lives.

“In the current economic climate, there’s also the added advantage that reducing our ‘carbon footprint’ will enable us to spend more on patient care and make the most of all resources available so that NHS services continue to be delivered in a ‘green’ and sustainable way.”

Action to ease the cost of deadly C02 emissions from cars has been facilitated by the promotion of teleconferencing, where staff can save time and prevent toxic air pollutions by dialling into over-the-phone meetings from their base.