Have your say on county council’s policy

Have your say

DERBYSHIRE County Council is asking for the public’s view on their revised equality and diversity policy.

The policy will be used by staff, customers, partners and organisations who provide services on behalf of the council. It sets out the kind of treatment people using council services can expect. It also sets out the council’s approach to recruitment and managing employees.

Derbyshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Public Health, Councillor Carol Hart, said: “We are committed to making sure that everyone is treated fairly and we want to celebrate the diversity that there is in Derbyshire.

“We are sure that our revised policy will do that – but we’d welcome any comments from the public.”

The council will show it’s commitment to equality and diversity by:

* Complying with equality law and good practice

* Monitoring the impact of policies to make sure they are fair

* Generating opportunities for people in Derbyshire

* Celebrating diversity in Derbyshire

* Making equality part of the council’s everyday business by treating every customer, colleague and others with respect, providing the best possible standard of service and considering the needs and opinions of every community

And when employing staff the council will:

* Carry out recruitment fairly

* Train staff so that they can implement the equality and diversity policy

* Treat all employees fairly, with dignity and respect

* Support disabled employees

* Monitor the make-up of the workforce and seek to make the workforce reflect the population of Derbyshire.

To have your say on the equality and diversity policy visit www.derbyshire.gov.uk and search ‘have your say’.