Glaucoma support meeting to be held in Buxton

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A MEETING providing help and information to people suffering from the eye condition glaucoma will take place in Buxton this week.

Glaucoma affects two people in every 100 over the age of 40 and five people in every 100 over the age of 65.

To help share information about this condition, the Glaucoma Support Group will meet on Friday August 17 at Buxton Methodist Church, Chapel Street, Buxton from 1.30pm until 3.30pm.

Everyone is welcome. Ophthalmic consultant Mr Conrad Yuen will explain how glaucoma may progress without treatment and colleagues from the International Glaucoma Association will also be on hand to talk about glaucoma.

Norma Ayres, Glaucoma Nurse based at Cavendish Hospital, Buxton, said: “Glaucoma is commonly a silent disease in the early stages with no pain and no apparent vision problems. Signs of the disease are normally picked up during routine optician checks.

“Everyone over the age of 40 is advised to have their eyes checked by an optician every two years. If you have a close family member who has glaucoma your risk of developing the disease is increased and eye tests for immediate family members are free. Vision loss caused by glaucoma cannot be recovered, but further vision loss can be reduced by regular use of eye drops. “

To find out more about glaucoma, treatment and support available residents are advised to attend the meeting or contact Norma Ayres on 01298 212850.