Food smells will add to stench at quarry

Arden Quarry, Hayfield
Arden Quarry, Hayfield

A councillor fighting plans for a composting site at a quarry which is infamous for its disgusting smell has dismissed claims by the owners that it won’t be taking old food waste with its “green waste”.

New Mills and Hayfield County Councillor Beth Atkins is calling on Derbyshire County Council to reject a planning application by the operators of Arden Quarry for a new composting waste site at next-door Birch Vale Quarry.

Cllr Atkins argues that the composting site’s bad smells would add to the stink locals already suffer from the waste tip at the adjoining Arden Quarry.

“Local residents have already suffered enough problems from Arden Quarry – but this is the straw which will break the camel’s back,” said Cllr Atkins.

She added that while serving on Derbyshire’s planning committee she visited a number of recycling plants where they composted green waste: “What I witnessed at the time gives me great concerns about the impact that the current planned operation would have on this area.

“I found the smell unpleasant - and that was before food was being added to green waste as part of the recycling process. With regards to the new

application I am afraid that I was not convinced when the quarry operators told the recent public meeting that they could source ‘just green waste’, i.e. no food!”

She called on locals to join the campaign to stop the composting site.

“There is a petition being distributed to gather signatures against the composting plans and I hope the many people who have been troubled by the smells will sign it,” said Cllr Atkins.