Flyposting to get zero tolerance

COMMUNITY groups will need to work with High Peak Borough Council when advertising their events or risk falling foul of a zero tolerance stance on fly posting.

It comes after a new policy was approved by the Executive to tackle unsightly posters being put up and left in place.

In a bid to control fly posting, the council is seeking to provide legitimate sites where charities and community groups can advertise their events.

Cllr Caitlin Bisknell said: “We want to work with community groups and want them to be able to advertise but we need to make sure the town doesn’t end up looking cluttered.”

Anyone who puts up any sign, placard, notice, leaflet, banner or anything similar which can be seen from the highway or any public place may be guilty of fly posting.

The council will take action to remove notices and prosecute offenders where repeated fly-posting occurs.

Cllr David Lomax said: “What about the ones for Buxton Carnival? They need to be on Long Hill to tell people it is going to be busy in Buxton and equally the Rose Queen in Whaley Bridge with large signs at roundabouts.”

Cllr Anthony McKeown said: “Our intention is to work with them in advance so they are aware and arrange suitable sites.”

But Cllr Tim Norton said his concern was not notices put up by local groups, but commercial adverts stuck on empty shops.

Anyone who breaches the new policy could be liable for a fixed penalty notice or be liable for prosecution.