Everyone urged to do their bit to help Buxton shine for judges

Buxton is a great town – and you can help to make that official…

The town is in strong competition against Cork and Hastings to win the Great Town 2014 award from the London-based Academy of Urbanism, whose judges are visiting Buxton on August 20 for two nights.

A small team from Buxton Town Team, Vision Buxton, High Peak Borough Council, the University of Derby Buxton and the Trevor Osborne Property Group are working together to ensure that Buxton puts its best foot forward for the formal judging day on Wednesday, August 21.

Support for the bid to win the title is already pouring in, but the team drawing up the case for Buxton is asking everyone to do their bit to help.

“Offers of help, messages of support and fresh ideas are shaping what the judges will see on August 21,” said Roddie MacLean, Chair of the Town Team.

“But we’re also hoping that on the day, the town is the well turned- out, litter-free environment everyone would like to see year round, with the famous Buxton welcome to visitors even warmer than usual.”

The Academy, an internationally recognised think-tank which promotes the sustainable development of villages, towns and cities, has chosen Buxton as one of the three finalists in its Great Town Award competition for 2014.

The judges will be looking at more than just buildings, roads and factories but also social, political and cultural aspects of development.

They want to know about the people who make Buxton work, so many of them volunteers, and already local groups have sent messages backing the bid for the judges to see.

“It’s the support and kindness of the Buxton people which keeps the team operational,” Roger Bennett, Chairman of Buxton Mountain Rescue Team said in his description of the town.

“Buxton is a great town to be involved in live music making,” said Carol Bowns, of Local Vocals.

“Performances at the Opera House and in the Festivals are a platform for artists of the highest calibre and act as an inspiration for those involved at amateur level.”

And Bill Weston MBE, famous for leading The Billerettes, said: “The heart of any community is shown by its smile.”