Losing skatepark would be injustice

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A CONTROVERSIAL skate park is to stay in a New Mills recreation ground – but measures are to be taken to address residents’ concerns about noise.

Since the skate park and youth shelter were installed in June there have been 56 calls to police and 32 complaints to the council – the vast majority being about noise late at night.

However following two meetings between the interested parties, a series of measures has been discussed that would help alleviate concerns of neighbours close to the Newtown Recreation Ground.

Now members of the Town Council have agreed that the equipment will be retained permanently, but that work including the introduction of noise dampeners, strategic planting for screening and the installation of a new fence is carried out.

Councillor Lance Dowson said the youth shelter was more of a cause for concern to local residents –but the meeting was told that police figures stated the skate park had generated more complaints.

Parks Manager Steven Lewis, commenting on the development, said: “We couldn’t have put anything there that would have a bigger impact on young peoples’ lives. To even consider taking it out would be a mockery of what we are trying to do for people.

“There have been problems but there were always going to be problems.” He said the large number attracted at the beginning had thinned out to those of all ages who genuinely wanted to make use of the facility.

“I think it would be a great injustice to ourselves and the public if we took it out,” he said.