Dog owners to face tight leash

Tighter controls to ensure dog owners clean up after their pets and keep them under control are set to be introduced across the High Peak.

The Borough Council is to bring in new rules that will mean dogs have to be kept on a lead in certain parks, including Buxton’s Pavilion Gardens and all cemeteries, and will be barred from enclosed play areas. The fine to be imposed through a fixed penalty notice will increase from £50 to £80.

Cllr Anthony McKeown said it was an emotive issues but that orders were needed.

“The majority of dog owners behave responsibly. We are trying to tackle those who misbehave and it is about making a good environment for everyone,” he said.

He said they had been careful to introduce dogs on lead orders in locations where alternative sites were close by where dogs could be exercised.

Dogs will be banned from all enclosed children’s play areas, multi-user games areas, tennis courts, bowling greens and skate parks owned by HPBC.

Owners who fail to clean up after their pets will also be targeted.

Cllr John Pritchard, welcoming the move said: “People who have to have wheelchairs can’t step over it – they have to plough through whatever is on the pavement and it is very unpleasant when they get home.”

Cllr Tony Ashton said: “I support the dog fouling part of this report, in fact if it was up to me I would name and shame them.” However he did express reservations about the practicalities of dogs being kept on a lead of four metres.

The orders were approved subject to public consultation.