Short-cut to danger at Dove Holes

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Stay off the tracks!

That’s the message from British Transport Police (BTP) officers after a number of trespass incidents near to the station at Dove Holes.

Now, in a bid to prevent further problems, PC Andy Collier, the BTP Neighbourhood Policing Officer for the area has issued a stark warning.

He said: “It seems that people are nipping across the track as a shortcut, rather than using the correct means to cross the railway.

“I cannot over-emphasise just how dangerous this is and the practice needs to stop now.

“Anyone who trespasses on the line is placing their life at risk and no BTP officer wants to have to tell a family that their loved one isn’t coming home simply because they were trying to take a shortcut.”

Patrols are to be increased and those who continue to flout the law will find themselves facing police action.