Selfless callers help police catch drink-drivers

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Selfless members of the Derbyshire public have turned their back on £28,000 in rewards – preferring to report drink-drivers for nothing.

Police have praised the public-spirited action of the callers to Crimestoppers during the annual Christmas anti-drink drive campaign.

Once again, Crimestoppers offered a reward of up to £1,000 to anyone who called the charity to report a drink-driver if the information led to an arrest and charge.

The figures rose from ten people who called the charity during the 2010 campaign to 28 in December 2011 – and in each case every caller declined the offer of a reward.

Chief Inspector Steve Wilson, head of Derbyshire Roads Policing, said: “It’s pleasing to see that even in these difficult times, the people who rang Crimestoppers were not interested in a reward.

“They felt they had a moral obligation to make the call.”

He said: “The campaign this year was around raising awareness of the issue of drink-driving, especially around our involvement with Crimestoppers.

“It was about trying to dissuade people from drink-driving by letting them know that anyone could report them, even if they just wanted to do it anonymously.”

The anti-drink drive campaign ran between December 1 and 31, during which time officers conducted breath tests on drivers across the county to reduce the number of people driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Officers administered 895 breath tests and of those, 104 people (11 per cent) gave a positive test, refused to take the test or failed to provide a sample.

During the 2010 campaign, officers conducted 656 tests and of those 105 people (16 per cent) gave a positive test, refused to take the test or failed to provide a sample.

The message to the public from Derby and Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership was that drink driving wrecks lives. Figures show that 14 per cent of road fatalities in 2010 were caused by drink driving.