Police had to use CS gas on a woman’s attacker

A woman who was pushed over by her then partner landed face down on the concrete, a court heard.

Heather McDonagh said she hit her head and momentarily lost consciousness in the assault on July 10.

John David Lewis, 42, of Laneside Close, Chapel-en-le-Frith, admitted assault by beating and obstructing a police officer in an incident on August 5.

John Cooper, prosecuting, said on July 10 the couple had been out drinking and later at the defendant’s flat the complainant said Lewis had turned on her so she said she was going home. Lewis pushed her in the doorway and she landed face down on the concrete outside.

On August 5 at 2.40am police were called to Ms McDonagh’s to reports of a domestic dispute. Lewis admitted it was a breach of his bail for him to be there but that he had been invited round by the complainant. Both were the worse for drink. He became obstructive and CS gas was used by officers, said Mr Cooper.

Annis Rowlands ,defending, said Lewis was ‘a straightforward guy’ who worked hard and had had a job in a quarry for nine years or more.

The court heard that he had been suspended for a time during the course of the proceedings and had accrued debts which he was still paying off.

Referring to the obstruction of a PC matter, she said: “This defendant was understandably frustrated. He was invited round and was foolish enough to go.”

Lewis was given a 12-month community order with 12-months’ supervision and an alcohol specified treatment requirement

Magistrate Ian Hurst said: “On the matter of a restraining order in view of what we have been told about Miss McDonagh contacting you, since September you appear to have received well over 500 text messages, we feel its inappropriate in this case.”

Lewis was ordered to pay £310 costs and £200 compensation.