Police fight to keep standards

Philip Hickson has been unanimously re-elected as Chairman of Derbyshire Police Authority.

This will be Mr Hickson’s second and probably final year in office before Police Authorities are abolished in favour of directly-elected Police and Crime Commissioners next May.

Mr Hickson, who thanked members for their support said: “These are incredibly challenging times, and there is still much more to be done.

“There is no sign of let-up in the pressures on the budget and we will have difficult decisions to make as we set the budget for 2012-13.

“However, we have to accept that this may well be the last time we have responsibility for setting the budget.”

He said the Authority would continue to oppose the proposals but would ensure an effective and smooth transition if the changes were made.

“In the meantime it is important that it is ‘business as usual’.

“What I do not want is for the changes in governance to affect performance or for anything to divert us from delivering a high quality police service for Derbyshire, which is why we are here in the first place.”

Cllr Alan Charles was re-appointed as Vice-Chair..