Night out turns into a car crash

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A woman’s night out in Buxton ended in disaster when her date was a disappointment and she crashed her car on the way home.

Carol Murray, 55, who lost control of her car and crashed in Peak Forest, was banned on Monday from driving for four years.

Murray was released from her vehicle and breathalysed by the police at the roadside following the accident on April 19 when the car ended up on its side.

The part-time hotel receptionist provided a reading of 94 in breath, but after being admitted to hospital repeatedly refused to provide a specimen, High Peak magistrates in Buxton heard on Monday.

Murray was given a 12 month community order with supervision and 200 hours’ unpaid work.

Sean Fritchley, defending, said Murray had been on a date in Buxton and was returning home.

“It didn’t go as planned – the gentleman turned out to be not a nice person,” he said.

“She cut short the date, had a couple of large glasses of wine and clearly she didn’t allow for the amount of alcohol she had had.”

Mr Fritchley said an animal had run into the road and his client had swerved, losing control.

Mother-of-two Murray, of Errington Road, Chesterfield, who had a previous conviction for drink-driving, was ordered to pay £85 costs.