Glossop boozy bandit banned from Bargain Booze

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A Glossop woman went on a drunken spree in an off-licence, raiding the fridges, throwing chocolate coins at staff and kicking the manager, a court heard.

Natalie Jackson admitted two counts of common assault and one count of attempted theft at High Peak Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

The court heard the 25-year-old, who was visibly inebriated, entered Bargain Booze on High Street West at 6.10pm with a friend.

As the pair left the store, Jackson grabbed a Milky Bar multi-pack, some crisps and some Pot Noodles on her way out.

The court heard shop assistant Georgia Brookes-Manning shouted after the defendant, saying: “You’ve not paid for them love!”

Jackson, who lives at a women’s refuge, returned to the shop and replied: “If you tried smiling at customers, I would not steal. You act like you’re high and mighty.”

Prosecutor John Cooper told the court that the defendant began to shout, swear and throw items at the victim such as chocolate eggs, chocolate coins and a packet of biscuits.

He told magistrates that proprietor Jonathan Jeeva locked the doors and said he was calling the police.

Jackson went on to raid the store’s fridges before kicking and kneeing Mr Jeeva while he tried to restrain her.

Annis Rowlands, defending, said: “There were no bargains for Natalie Jackson but it would appear that booze certainly played a part in this enterprise. This customer was intoxicated. The lady shouldn’t have served them.”

Mitigating, she added that once the attempted theft was discovered, her client didn’t run off, she returned to the shop with the items and that Mr Jeeva shouldn’t have taken hold of her.

Ms Rowlands said Jackson was remorseful immediately after the incident and that she hadn’t caused the victims any lasting injuries.

Chairman of the Bench Gerry Wallis adjourned the case until December 23 to allow an alcohol assessment to be prepared for sentencing. Jackson was released on conditional bail and was banned from entering Bargain Booze.