Church freezes fees to ease burden

The Parochial Church Council of the six Church of England parishes in Buxton Team Parish has taken steps to ease the financial pressure on locals by freezing its fees - for funerals and weddings -for the third year running.

Combined with a similar decision from General Synod, the Church’s national ruling body, the effect is that 2012 fees in Buxton will be exactly the same as the ones charged for 2011.

Rector of Buxton, The Rev John Hudghton, said “We are very much aware of the financial misery many are going though during this time of austerity. The Church has done something very practical at a local level to try and ease this current burden, even though our own costs are likewise ever going upwards. It is a moral and compassionate decision we have taken to ensure a funeral or a wedding in our parish will cost no more next year than it has in 2011.”

Mr Hudghton, who is also the newly-appointed Rural Dean, also reflected on the particular financial pressures people wishing to get married face.

“You mention the word “wedding” to a service provider and it is as if you have given them a licence to extract all your hard-earned money from your bank account,” he said.

“Couples who wish to get married should not have to spend tens of thousands of pounds in order to do this, they need an easier start and they certainly could help themselves by getting a wonderful setting with a full service by coming to one of our excellent churches.”

In the same meeting of the PCC held on November 28, the churches also voted to offer financial support to 14 local, national and international charities.

“Jesus tells us to help other people,” added Mr Hudghton.

“The Church is not always engaged in “keeping the roof on” its buildings but we do many practical things showing the love of God in helping the poor, the vulnerable, the disadvantaged and all sorts of specialist charities at home and abroad.”