Caution is urged over fireworks

People are being urged to buy fireworks for this year’s bonfire night from registered stores only.

Derbyshire County Council’s trading standards team is asking people to check its list of authorised firework retailers to ensure what they are buying is safe.

Four specialist outlets are licensed to sell fireworks all year round in Derbyshire, but other retailers can sell them from 15th October until 10th November.

Any shop keeping fireworks must have a licence and follow strict guidelines on safe storage and re-sale, including not selling to people under the age of 18.

Trading standards officers are urging people to contact them if they have any concerns about fireworks being sold. They should not be sold from vehicles, market stalls or car boot sales.

If people have complaints about fireworks being let off in public places they should contact the police.

This includes fireworks being let off during the banned night hours of 11pm to 7am, except on 5th November when the curfew begins at midnight.

To check a retailer is licenced visit