Badger cull – the facts

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- In 2012 38,010 cattle were killed as a result of bTB, compared with 6,000 in 1998

- Badgers are a protected species under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992

- A single case of bTB can cost a farm around £34,000

- It is proposed that 70 per cent of badgers in an area have to be killed in order for the cull to be effective

- 189,778 cattle have been slaughtered due to bTB since 2008

- The petition to stop the cull has nearly 250,000 signatures. If it reaches 260,000 signatures it will be the largest petition in the UK ever

- The petition is open until September and can be signed by visiting

- In the Welsh trial programme, the cost of each badger vaccinated was £662

- To view the Stand up for Badgers video, visit

- Further information on the cull can be found at