Aid off to Syrian border

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Members of a fundraising club, including High Peak residents, are preparing to take aid to the Syrian border in Turkey.

The Sporting Bears Club combine their love of classic and sports cars with raising money for charity, and a local member has purchased a caravan which is being filled with tents and supplies to take to the area.

A large number of tents have already been gathered with the group preparing to set off as soon as they have collected 250 tents.

The tents will then be given to people who are in need in the area, many of whom could die without the proper shelter. Priority for the tents will be given to families.

Vienna Borowska, manager of the Cat and Fiddle pub, which is supporting the event and is storing the caravan known as ‘Vienna 1, the Caravan of Good Intent’, said: “We’ve been collecting tents, sleeping bags and warm clothes from individuals and businesses and organisations have been giving us donations of medical supplies and more specific equipment.

“We’ve also been collecting cash donations towards the travel costs because the caravan will be towed to Istanbul and then hitched up and taken the rest of the way.

“We were asked to get involved and jumped at the chance.”

Fundraising towards the trip has been ongoing at the pub for a number of weeks, with a special fundraiser taking place last Tuesday.

Anyone who would like to donate tents, sleeping bags, other items or cash for the trip should pop into the Cat and Fiddle, or call the pub on 01298 78366.